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Boarding at Glamorgan Farm

Glamorgan Farm has been boarding horses since 2008.  We have a tried and tested boarding practice and we stick to what works.

Horses are creatures of routine and we believe that sticking to a very consistent routine helps keep horses happy and well adjusted, leading to less health issues and less trouble maintaining weight and fitness levels.

Boarding Services

Horses boarded at Glamorgan Farm are housed in a box stall in our new barn and are turned out, weather permitting, during the day to one of our various paddocks.

Stalls are bedded with a mixture of sawdust and shavings and are cleaned daily.

Horses are placed in paddocks based on gender, temperament, and nutritional requirements.  Our paddocks range in size from individual turnout, small and large group paddocks, to large pastures.  Our paddocks and pastures are fenced with electric fencing.

All of our paddocks, except for 3 individual/temporary paddocks, have run in sheds for horses to be able to escape the elements.

Horses are fed hay three times throughout the day, once in the morning out in the paddocks and twice in the stalls in the afternoon and evening.  Additionally, horses are fed owner supplied grain and supplements twice daily.

Every night after barn hours, a night barn check is performed and all horses are given more hay and water, and all doors and lights are checked.

Horses all have access to free choice water in the paddocks and stalls.

All horses at Glamorgan Farm are kept on a barn wide de-worming and inoculation schedule to maintain herd health.  

Glamorgan Farm can also take care of blanketing/un-blanketing your horse prior to turnout.

2017 Boarding Rate - $400 + HST

(includes deworming)

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