Equestrian Facility

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Please take a look at some of the facilities that Glamorgan Farm has to offer.

New Barn

The new barn is home to 28 stalls, grooming stalls, a wash/vet stall, feed room, and tack room.  Additionally, the new indoor arena is attached directly to the barn and can be accessed by either aisle, as well as from the lane-way by the outdoor jumping ring.  The barn is fully insulated for horse and rider comfort and stays above freezing during the winter months.

Four grooming stalls are located adjacent to the tack room, making tacking up convenient.

Our wash stall is well lit and has a removable beam overhead, perfect for vet procedures such as teeth floating.

Our tack room is conveniently located adjacent to the grooming stalls, so there is no need to carry heavy tack long distances.

Our feed room is large and well organized; each boarder is given a feed bin to use for their feed; we also have a storage shelf for extra bags of feed and supplements.

Our tack room features 28 large tack lockers (2' x 3' x 7') with additional space on top for totes of extras, like saddle pads and blankets.  Each tack locker can accommodate one or two saddles and comes complete with a shelf and various hooks.


Of the 28 stalls in the new barn, 18 are 10' x 13' and feature a 3' x 3' grilled awning window and 10 are 10' x 14' and feature overhead fans for air circulation. 

 All stalls are equipped with a grilled partition with a privacy panel, corner feeder with a swing out access door, an integrated hay feeder with access from the aisle,  a water pail, and a blanket bar with hooks on the door.  All chores (feeding grain/hay and refilling water buckets) can be done from the aisle, without having to enter the stall.

The stalls are all rubber matted, over compacted limestone screenings, and are bedded with a combination of sawdust and shavings.

The main aisles in the barn are 12' wide, allowing plenty of room for leading horses.

Integrated hay feeder and swing out feed door

Three foot by three foot awning window with grille

Grilled partition with privacy panel

Indoor Arena

The new indoor arena is 80' x 208' with an 8' fenced lane-way at the barn end of the arena

The arena can accommodate a regulation size dressage ring or a full course of jumps making it perfect for practicing whichever discipline you choose, or for hosting winter shows and clinics.

Six foot high windows around the perimeter of the arena let in lots of light and give the arena bright and airy feel.

Airflow and temperature regulation are maintained via 7 large, full height sliding doors spaced around the arena - this provides a welcome refuge from the summer sun and heat.

The footing is treated with an environmentally friendly product that pulls moisture from the air, leaving the footing virtually dust free, sans watering.

The fenced lane-way at the barn end of the arena is a great place to watch the action from a safer vantage point and also provides a place for a judges platform when shows are moved indoors.  Riders can enter and exit the arena via this lane-way, giving a buffer between the riding area and the doors.

High efficiency ultra bright lights extend the usage of the arena into the evening hours and eliminate any dark corners.

Integrated speakers and sound system allow for music for riding to and/or microphone hook-up for clinics and shows.

Outdoor Riding Areas

Who doesn't enjoy getting out into the fresh air for a lovely ride?  Glamorgan Farm offers many options to choose from for your outdoor riding endeavors.

Below you can see a full course of 12' wide pole show jumps set up in our sand jumping ring, on the east side of the farm; this ring measures 170' x 220' and can accommodate a full set of hunter or jumper jumps as well as 2 full sized dressage rings, with space to ride around each ring.  The grass area surrounding the arena can also be used to derby style jumping classes, where riders must "jump" out of the sand ring and into the grass area and jump a variety of obstacles set up on the grass.

All King Edwards Horses Can Make Big Fences

Our sand dressage ring is located on the west side of the farm.  The sand is surrounded by grass, making a lovely frame for the ring and providing an area to ride around the ring prior to entering at A.  While the white fence is only set up for shows and clinics, a permanent set of dressage letters is available for schooling.  

*Glamorgan Farm will welcome the addition of a permanent outdoor dressage fence for the 2018 show season.*

Round Pen

Maybe your horse needs a little tuning up, or you would like to try some natural horsemanship training?  Our newly installed 50' round pen is just the place, conveniently located adjacent to the jumping ring and indoor arena.


Get out of the ring and enjoy the kilometers of trails available to you.  We keep the trails on Glamorgan Farm well groomed and trimmed, and we are always improving and adding new trails.  Some of our trails even have some basic natural jumping obstacles, adding a little bit of schooling to your unwind time.